Grom Vline2


Finally a nice solution to update our outdated navigation/radio systems with wireless Carplay, Android Auto, Bluetooth and many other features. Retains the use of steering wheel buttons to adjust volume and change track, as well as some dash buttons.

Also works with the 9-4x

You will lose the OEM USB function with this device, but the factory USB can be used with the Grom VLine.

INTSALL Manual: Grom Vline Install Manual

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About VLine
VLine Infotainment System is a smart computer that connects to the back of your stereo and fully integrates into the infotainment system and display without compromising or affecting factory functionality.

Vline VL2 system is an Android-based car infotainment add-on that integrates into your vehicle factory (OEM) stereo. It works seamlessly with the existing car stereo screen/display, sound system, and buttons/controls.

VLine Features

CarPlay: Via USB or Wireless. Add navigation, phone calls, messages and music apps easily with your iPhone to your car stereo.

Android Auto®: Via USB and Wireless. Add navigation and media apps easily with your Android phone. Simply plug it in via a Type-C cable to the USB port and ready to go! Phone calls go through the factory system.

Voice Activation: Voice activation allows use of voice control over navigation with Google, Waze, Sygic, and HereWeGo maps. Voice search is also available within music app plugins including Spotify, Web Radio, Pandora, Google Music, and local music as stored on USB stick / SD card and connected to VLine VL2.

Music Apps and Plugins: VLine VL2 for can play any music app as available in Google Play Store. However, all VLine systems have built-in app plugins to create a unified environment with large display fonts and graphics for ease of use while driving. Plugins include Spotify, Pandora, Google Music, and Web Radio (VLine owns radio app that is similar to TuneIn).

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