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To start off my name is Brennyn, I started bcinnovate to help others out and sell products I use and have tested myself. My background is in information technology as a cybersecurity analyst, but that just pays the bills and keeps the projects alive. I am hoping to start releasing more products soon as I have finally finished my bachelor's degree which was eating up all my time. I know there are a million forums and groups already, but I am not regularly updating my posts or sharing my projects. I am on my site all the time so I thought I might as well start sharing my projects, and helpful tips here. To start off I am a car enthusiast probably just like all of you reading this. This is something I do on the side and hopefully, once I am able to bring all my ideas to life do this full time as I start releasing new products. I obviously have a love for Saabs as they kinda started this all, but I have a few other cars that aren't Saabs that I also enjoy.

My current cars include:

2006 Saab 9-7x that I supercharged using an lc3 STSV supercharger.

2008 Saab 9-3 Turbo X, with an upgraded intercooler, catless downpipe, custom TD04 Turbo, lots of interior and exterior bits.

2010 Saab 9-5 Aero with a GT3076 Turbo, D088 intercooler, catless downpipe, hirsch body kit, spoiler, and diffuser.

Recently acquired 1967 Saab 96 2 stroke, working on restoring this one

2002 GMC Sierra with built 5.3 forged block bored to a 5.7 4l80e, awd, 7875 turbo. It makes mid 900 horsepower to the wheels, it is fun and fast, but breaks a lot haha.

1995 Toyota T100, all custome shaved doors lowered manual. It is very different looking, but cool I enjoy it.  

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